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the presentation of the future

the future is present. the future is a power of representation. the power of the future is the presentation. power is a representation of presentation. at the present stage of time power is the on look of the future. power present itself to the future. power represent the future to an on look of outcast. the representation is the present at best. the presentation is power at best. power is the almighty at best. in a glory of time our presentation is a representation of the future. in a aftermath of time our glory is our power. time present itself to our glory. time is an outcast of glory. the power is to outcast our glory. the presentation of the future is its glory. time is the difference between power and glory. at the present stage time is the power to glory. the future is to present its glory. representation of presentation is a aftermath of glory. the aftermath is the glory and the power is the presentation. image19


About godlucifer

misery quote itself. i myself is a misery. myself,my personality,and my image personalize my misery. personalization is misery own quote. personalization is personalization own quote. i myself is a personalization of my own quote. i myself is a personalization of my own misery. my image is my own personalize of quote. personalize is personalize of misery which i find myself in.

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